Exploit Writing

The course is focused on a comprehensive coverage of software exploitation. It will present different domains of code exploitation and how they can be used together to test the security of an application. The participants will learn about different types and techniques of exploitation, using debuggers to create their own exploits, understand protection mechanism of the Operating Systems and how to bypass them. The course is heavily focused on being hands-on. Reference material documents will be provided for concepts for further reading. Course content slides will demonstrate attacks performed in-class and explain concepts where needed.

Introduction to Exploit Writing

Programming and Basic

Assembely Language


Stack Based Buffer Overflow

Understanding Windows Shellcode


Heap Based Overflow

Exploiting Safe SEH Protected Programs

Denial Of Service

Bypassing DEP and ASLR

Advance Shellcoding (Win32 Egghunting




Encoders and Writing Custom Encoders

DLL Hijacking

Client Side Exploits

From Vulnerability to Exploit

Metasploit Framework

Binary payloads and Antivirus Evasion

Exploit to Metaploit

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